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Watch Alex Cameron And Angel Olsen’s New Video Featuring Jemima Kirke

It's the classic tale of two lost souls/lookalikes finding each other on a New York subway platform.

For all the talk of how much New York City is a place of excitement and opportunity, the Big Apple can also be an extremely lonely and isolating place. Australian songwriter Alex Cameron taps into that on his new song and video "Stranger's Kiss".

The video for the beautiful duet, that features Angel Olsen, was directed by and stars Jemima Kirke of Girls fame, as she searches for her lookalike [Cameron] through the streets and subways of lower Manhattan.

With lush synth and Olsen's amazing vocals, the song captures the turbulence of a couple in the midst of a breakup. The video features the two practising some tasty moves that we've called 'the Cameron swivel' and when they do finally hook up, well, there's some on screen magic happening.

Now all they need is some shampoo and conditioner and they'll be sorted.

'Forced Witness' is available Sep 8 through Secretly Canadian via Inertia.