Watch This Hypnotic and Beautiful Live Stream of Spinning Meat

Donair Cam is the perfect ode to Halifax doner, one of the all-time great drinking foods.
Screengrab via Nova Scotia Webcams YouTube account. 

If you live outside of Maritime Canada, you might not be familiar with Halifax donair, but as of today you have no excuse to plead ignorance.

Tourism website Nova Scotia Webcams has begun streaming hypnotic footage of donair meat spinning its way to perfection via the Donair Cam, capturing a hot, greasy tower of meat before it gets shaved and shoved down the boozy throats of Maritime drinkers.

“This might be the most Nova Scotian thing you’ve ever seen,” the caption reads. “We created a 24 hour live stream of Donair meat for you. It’s hard to look away, isn’t it?” It sure is, Nova Scotia Webcams, just look at how the gigantic tube of meat glistens amid the gentle hum of kitchen machinery, like a meaty disco ball of desire.

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Soothing in its relentlessness, Donair Cam is not only a real-time appreciation of an iconic Canadian dish, but commentary on the insatiable human appetites for late-night food and free video content. Donair Cam cuts—and rotates—through the bullshit in a visual display that would look as natural on the wall of a contemporary art gallery as it would through beer goggles at 4AM.

The live stream was set up at King of Donair in Halifax, where a more Maritime-friendly riff on Greek gyro (with beef and sweet condensed milk replacing the usual lamb and yogurt) by founder Peter Gamoulakos became one of the greatest drinking foods the world has ever seen. And now, the world can see it online for free in real-time whenever they want.