BTS Get Desiigner, of All People, to Run Riot on Their "MIC Drop" Remix

More "git-git-git" for your "grrrrrrrr-AH!"
November 24, 2017, 4:50pm

K-pop and rap are happily married at this point, with nary a hit single being dropped at least one band member spitting heat, sometimes better than most North American rappers. As BTS seems poised to be the first Korean pop idol group to actually make a mainstream dent in our shores, they're going for the jugular, recruiting Steve Aoki to remix their already tough-as-nails hip-hop song "MIC Drop" for the Mad Decent crowd and snagging the country's hottest, most cartoonish rapper for a verse. Yes, you read that right: Desiigner's back, baby!

To be fair, the young man best-known for "Panda" has had a decent year, showing up on a slick Mura Masa single and getting more publicity than most would, thanks to his supernova-like public persona. He's honestly a good fit for "MIC Drop," too, barrelling through the song's intro with typical hyperactivity. Sadly, he could not be in the official video for the remix.

Desiigner's not the first Western rapper to delve into the K-pop K-hole, though: Kanye West and his writing partner Malik Yusef contributed to JYJ's 2010 single "Ayy Girl," which with its Jeff Bhasker and Plain Pat co-production, bears all the hallmarks of an era-appropriate urban crossover bid. It also has an objectively incredible video, but that's beside the point. Listen to BTS' "MIC Drop" remix below.

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