Keeping Newtown Weird With MEZKO and Angus of LIARS

Thank God for Repressed Records and Pastizzi Cafe.
November 1, 2017, 1:31am

Rampant gentrification, barefoot hippies, and weekend crowds: There's a lot to dislike about Newtown. But for all the inner western Sydney suburb's flaws, gems remain tucked among the Thai food and craft beer joints and stuff they cover in inflight-magazine guides.

Angus Andrew who is LIARS, recently returned to Australia after living in Berlin. He settled in remote NSW to record TFCF, his eighth studio album. But when back in the big smoke recently he hooked up with kraut-pop duo MEZKO. Kat and Laura cite Angus and LIARS to be a big influence in their sound and so were happy to show the big guy around the streets of Newtown.

We start with a quick flick through Repressed Records.

This is Pete's. They have the music things here… you like music right?

Will Liars include accordion on the next album? Who can say…

A candid moment in the amp room at Pete's

It was his first time - Pastizzi Cafe.

Throwing shade at Wanting Collection.

Angus is definitely kneeling.

Pit stop for a quick squat.

While browsing the fridges of the Fiji Market we discovered that we had become quite irritating and decided to call it a day.

MEZKO's EP 'Polychronic' is available now. Catch them at these shows:
Nov 12 - Sydney at Newtown Festival
Nov 17 - Sydney at The Bank
Nov 23 - Melbourne at Melbourne Music Week
Dec 1 - Sunshine Coast at Jungle Love Festival
Dec 3 - Newcastle at Cambridge Hotel
Dec 8 - Adelaide at Rocket Bar