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Liam Gallagher Got Someone To Peel a Potato at His London Show

He has a long history with potatoes that we've traced doggedly.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Photo from George Godfrey via Twitter

I know I literally wrote last week about how Liam Gallagher is being milked for content, and now here I am writing content about Liam Gallagher, but I promise this one is actually good.

What I am trying to say is this: Liam Gallagher has a long history with potatoes that Noisey has traced doggedly. There was a period when he constantly called his brother, Noel Gallagher, a potato. It's an insult of absurdity and succinctness, which goes some way to explaining its genius. This year, taking part in Noisey's British Masters series, we put the burning question – "How'd you cook potatoes?" – to him, a question to which he uttered the immortal answer:


"Peel 'em, boil 'em, and then you put 'em in the fuckin' oven, right? Until they get crispy. I was in a band with a few."

Engrave it on my heart.

Anyway, continuing his love affair with potatoes, Gallagher yesterday put out a plea on Twitter asking for "somebody to peel some spuds live on stage tnight at this gig in Bethnal Green must have own peeler." Obviously, this was a light dig at his brother, who had someone playing the scissors onstage with him recently. But of course, Liam got his wish, and sure enough some legend showed up in Bethnal Green, east London to peel potatoes while he played the maracas:

Look at the pride on show here from the potato peeler, arms aloft, victorious. This is subversive, complex, artistic. This, truly, is the Gallagher content we deserve. If anyone has the details of said potato peeler, please get in touch so we can grant them the full-name respect they've earned.

UPDATE 12:05pm GMT: The heroic potato peeler has been named as Craig McKenna. Please direct all tributes here.

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