Allison Janney Steals the Show in the New 'I, Tonya' Trailer

Janney plays Harding's abusive, chain-smoking mom, LaVona, with a venomous performance that sheds light on the skater's rough upbringing.
November 1, 2017, 8:30pm

We already got our first look at Margot Robbie's portrayal of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding when a teaser for Craig Gillespie's I, Tonya dropped a few weeks ago. But on Wednesday, Neon released the darkly comical biopic's first full trailer—and from the look of it, I, Tonya is going to live up to its early rave reviews.

While the teaser centered on Harding at the 1993 World Figure Skating Championships, the trailer dives deeper into her early life—especially her relationship with her abusive, chain-smoking mother, LaVona, played by Allison Janney.

Both Robbie and Janney garnered some early Oscar buzz after I, Tonya premiered at TIFF in September, and it's easy to see why. Janney's bitter and venomous performance is magnetic, even as LaVona pushes a young Harding down a path that will eventually end in her involvement in the infamous 1994 kneecapping of fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

"I made you a champion," Janney says in the trailer, "knowing you'd hate me for it."

The trailer also touches on Harding's abusive relationship with Jeff Gillooly, played by Sebastian Stan, her onetime husband and the man who would spearhead the ill-advised Kerrigan attack scheme. The new trailer paints a more complex portrait of Harding than the figure-skating villain she was made out to be in the wake of the 1994 attack—one plagued by abuse, overwhelming pressure, and a relentless will to succeed.

Give the whole thing a watch above, and catch Robbie and Janney in I, Tonya on December 8 in select theaters—with a wider release scheduled for early 2018.