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Keith Urban's Empowerment Song For Women Is Extremely Insulting Actually

No woman wants to be referred to in the most utilitarian manner possible ("female"), Keith.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I don't know about you girls, but until I heard that Keith Urban had written a song called "Female," in order to support women, I personally had felt adrift. I had forgotten my place in the world, but thankfully, "Female," which Urban debuted at last night's Country Music Awards (see that below for a treat), has come along to remind me. I am so grateful. Thank you, kind sir.

Speaking to Billboard ahead of the performance of the song, which was written in the light of the allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, he said. "As a husband and a father of two young girls, it affects me in a lot of ways. And as a son – my mother is alive. It just speaks to all of the females in my life, particularly." Presumably if Urban's mother were dead he would love women less.


And honestly, what I, as a woman, really love and adore is being defined by my relationships by men and then being referred to in the most utilitarian manner possible ("female"). I cannot get enough of it. Thankfully, Keith Urban, who loves and understands women, knows this, and has written the lyrics of "Female" accordingly. Here is the chorus:

Sister – shoulder – daughter – lover
Healer – broken halo – Mother
Nature – fire – suit of armour – sole survivor – holy water
Secret keeper – fortune teller
Virgin Mary – Scarlet letter
Technicolor – river wild
Baby – girl – woman – child

Please excuse me, for I have been reduced to tears. I congratulate you for your bravery, Keith.

(And yes alright I know that in traditionally conservative country music circles this is actually quite the statement, but honestly if this is the best we're getting I don't really want it. Yeah women are mums and daughters but they're also people aren't they? Like, humans. And therefore, all women – not just the ones who are related to or employed by Keith Urban – should thus be afforded the fundamental human right to not be sexually assaulted or raped or abused in any other way and be in control of their reproductive rights. Idk, just my opinion.)

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