'American Vandal' Is Getting a Second Season

Funny or Die just dropped a new teaser, suggesting teen investigative reporter Peter Maldonado might have bigger fish to fry than #WhoDrewTheDicks.
October 26, 2017, 9:30pm

On Thursday, Netflix announced that its hit true-crime parody American Vandal, which followed two high school gumshoes on their quest to find out #WhoDrewTheDicks, is getting a second season.

The eight-episode story aimed to find out who drew 27 penises on 27 faculty vehicles in the parking lot of Hanover High but was left purposely open-ended. The new teaser for season two, which was tweeted out by Funny or Die, suggests the next mystery will take place in a new school and follow new suspects.

"You can be born into the perfect family. The perfect school. The perfect life," Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) says in the teaser. "But, can you be born above the law?"

The new teaser focuses in on a high school yearbook and features some new, unfamiliar faces, suggesting that whatever new mystery Maldonado is hinting at happened at a new, private school. The show's creator, Tony Yacenda, suggested the sequel idea back in September, telling Entertainment Weekly Maldonado and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) could "make a documentary in a different high school and in a different environment, for a different crime."

According to EW, Netflix has ordered eight episodes for the new season, in which viewers can expect ever higher stakes.

"I feel like our show is kind of a love letter to these true-crime documentaries," Yacenda told EW. "The idea is that if we can stay true to the tropes and the conventions and even the structure of some of our favorite documentaries and use them to tell a story about injustice, we could really get people to care about dicks."

Maybe this time around the young detectives will explore another mundane, if not equally important, mystery: Is the one who smelled it, really the one who dealt it?