Man on LSD Caught After Stolen Car Chase Said He Thought He Was Playing 'GTA'

An Oregon man allegedly hallucinating on LSD led police on a stolen car chase straight out of GTA.
June 6, 2018, 7:29pm
YouTube / Jackson County PD

An Oregon man claims he was tripping so hard on LSD that he thought he was inside Grand Theft Auto, which led him to get BUSTED and steal a car right in front of the cops on Saturday.

According to the Oregonian, while cops waited for tow trucks to take away the 2003 Toyota Camry owned by a driver they’d stopped earlier on suspicion of drunken driving, Anthony Clark saw his chance. Clark, 23, allegedly walked up to a deputy, told him he was going to steal the car, and then did, using the keys left in the car.

The Oregonian’s description of the events that followed sounds exactly like GTA, to be fair:

While speeding through Ashland, Talent and Phoenix, Clark crashed through chain link fences off the roadway, ran over spike strips twice and drove the wrong way down several roads, the sheriff's office said. After several attempts, a patrol car managed to bump the rear of the Toyota and cause Clark to spin out in Medford. Clark tried hitting a patrol car, then ran from the Toyota. He fled into a mobile home park and was arrested by police as he was trying to steal another car, the sheriff's office said.

Clark was charged with driving under the influence, possession of a stolen car and reckless endangerment, and told cops he was hallucinating at the time, according to an affidavit.

Blaming the dumb shit you do on GTA is a time-honored tradition: Media coverage latched onto the game to explain an eight-year-old shooting his grandmother, cops blamed it for riots in London in 2011, the NRA blames it for everything. In 2013, a nine-year-old boy stowed away on a plane and told the police he was inspired by GTA.