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Leos Are Attention-Starved Narcissists Who Never Stop Talking About Themselves

Leo is the king of the zodiac, and tends to treat others like peasants as a result.
Illustration by Asli Yazan

Astro Roast is a column in which astrologer Danny Larkin drags each sign, but affectionately!!

Leo is the biggest personality of the zodiac. But the craving to be the center of attention that makes them so compelling can be a double-edged sword, and many Leos raise hell because they missed that vital kindergarten lesson: sharing is caring.

Leos always act so surprised when people call them out for showboating. Receiving this feedback so often might suggest a pattern. But of course, Leos think they’re doing everyone a favor by redirecting every conversation towards momentous stories from their past, their exciting, ambitious project of the moment, or their bold vision for the future, in which you can play best supporting actor while Leo, of course, is the star. It gets tedious.


Leos think everyone will be uplifted by their bright, happy-go-lucky presence. Oftentimes, however, they just get on everyone’s nerves. Sometimes we don’t need to be inspired by the radiant possibilities of Leo’s future; we just need to vent about how much of asshole someone is. Leos can get into friction with friends, piss off colleagues, and lose lovers because they compulsively shift the spotlight back to themselves. And after 40 long minutes of what can feel like a thinly-veiled elevator pitch, everyone else is like, So maybe the next 20 minutes of chatting won’t be about you? Leo often misses the hint, and then wonders why others get chilly when they’ve been so warm.

Also, newsflash to Leos: When someone is venting or exploring their feelings, it’s rude to switch the subject back to how awesome you are, and how you overcome something similar but even harder. It’s condescending and narcissistic. Consider validating the other person’s feelings. Maybe try helping them strategize about how to resolve their situation, or throw in a dark joke to lighten their mood.

Leos think everyone will be uplifted by their bright, happy-go-lucky presence. Oftentimes, however, they just get on everyone’s nerves.

At work, Leos never feel acknowledged enough. Some say the only thank you you need is your paycheck. But Leos’ insufferable need to be acknowledged and to feel seen can often lead to seething resentments towards their bosses. Their expectations are often unrealistic: Is it really fair to expect your employer to be your free life coach?


Leos’ relationships with their bosses and colleagues are further strained by their delusion that they would do a better job if they were in charge. Leos often come off as too commanding on emails and in meetings, and they’re too quick to challenge their boss’s judgement. Look: There is no such thing as a perfect boss. Whereas the rest of us just laugh things off and endure whatever office annoyances we must until the next opportunity comes along, Leos get sidetracked fantasizing about how they could be doing everything so much better—and find ways to let their bosses know it. And then they wonder why they get such backlash for sharing great ideas no one asked for.

Leos hit similar snags in romantic relationships because they always want to be in charge. They often want to pick the restaurant, decide when to leave the party, and set the course in general. Leos think they can take care of their partner better than anybody else. It’s hard for them to understand that sometimes their significant other has a best friend or a mom, and the night is about the best friend’s birthday, or that it’s Mother’s Day, and Leo’s latest scheme to self-actualize is not the priority.

Leos have charisma in spades. But this can actually end up harming them when, instead of using their charm to get everyone on board with doing the right thing, they just try to get away with shit and then sweet-talk their way out of accountability. Karma doesn’t care how magnetic and charming you are, Leo. And everyone eventually gets what they deserve.

Leo is a fire sign, and they burn incredibly bright. The Sun, after all, is Leo’s ruling planet. But just like the sun can be unbearably hot on a summer day, Leos can overwhelm and overheat or lay it on too thick. They can also come across as trying to outshine or gaslight others. The Sun can be a metaphor for what makes Leo wonderful—like burning through the clouds and bringing us all joy—but many Leos need a dimmer switch. Sometimes it’s sexier to not shine so bright and allow for some mood lighting.

Jennifer Lawrence is a quintessential Leo. She’s so charming it’s disarming, and she became beloved throughout the internet for telling amazing stories about herself in interviews when she first got famous. But within a few years, there were some who had started to find her schtick contrived, and truthers theorized she was faking her signature red carpet falls. As a Leo, Jennifer Lawrence is unbelievably talented and charismatic—but she also suffers from the inability to not hog the spotlight, and lacks the self-awareness to realize when a certain act is getting old.

Leo season takes place at the height of summer, when sunflowers bloom. As the biggest flower in the garden, a sunflower is a good symbol for Leos. If you’ve spent any time with sunflowers, you know that sometimes they grow too big, can’t support their own weight, and topple over. Did you really have to grow that big? You were already the biggest, gardeners chide. For many Leos, as with sunflowers, the hard lesson to learn is that sometimes you’re more successful and more beautiful when you know your limits, and you shouldn’t waste energy trying to be bigger than you need to be.