Enjoy This Delicious Ranking of Australia’s Least-Healthy Fast Food Places

Okay, so which of you delicious bastards has the worst health score?
May 28, 2018, 4:51am

We all know fast food isn’t good for you, but it’s incredible the lies we tell ourselves about it. Chips are potatoes, which are good for cramps or something, right? There are a lot of veggies in some ramens. A girl in high school told me vegetarian pizza was the healthiest takeaway option and I’ve never questioned it or looked it up since.

Unfortunately, the good people at Deakin University are here to open our eyes and ruin the delusion. A new report from their Global Obesity Centre looked at the 11 most popular fast food options in Australia to see who was doing the most to promote healthy eating. Taking several factors into consideration, they scored them out of 100. Key areas of focus were how the chains marketed to kids, the nutritional information they made available, and any future plans to improve "nutrients of concern".

So, first up, who came in last? Old mate Dominoes, who scored an honestly amazing three out of 100. They actually got zero in every category except nutrition labelling and transparency in corporate relationships.


Top of the pile was Subway, with 48 out of 100. Which isn’t really so great for a “winner.” McDonalds weren’t far behind at 42, just edging out KFC at 41. Interestingly, seemingly healthier choices like Grill’d and Oporto rounded out the bottom three, with scores of 10 and 11 respectively.

Grill'd have hit back at the study, calling the research "flawed, misleading and deceptive". Speaking to The Sydney Morning HeraldGrill'd founder, Simon Crowe said: "My concern is that the researcher who undertook this work appears not to have thoroughly examined the Grill'd website which clearly states our position on the survey questions”.

To be fair, with the exception of Grill'd, who have made nutrition a growing focus since 2004, none of these brands are really out there selling health. The study noted that most of the subjects didn’t see health as a focus area.

Let’s be real, if you’re trying to get healthy eating at Dominoes, the problem probably isn’t with Dominoes.