Deafheaven's New Song "Honeycomb" Hits Like a Dang Meteorite of Emotion

The blackgaze titans give us a 12-minute epic in advance of a new album this year, their first since 2015.
April 17, 2018, 4:47pm

Deafheaven songs are punishing yet uplifting experiences, and we've been bereft of them for almost three years since 2015's New Bermuda. That changes today, as the shoegaze/experimental metal band has released a new, 12-minute song called "Honeycomb" on their official Youtube channel. Pitchfork reports that the band is expecting to release an album later this year.

As per usual, the sprawling length gives the band room to explore a bunch of moods and styles, veering from chugging thrash metal riffs to chiming power-pop chords to, inevitably, That Part in the Deafheaven Song when it goes half-time and a really powerful, emotive riff enters that sounds like your fondest memories given musical form. The video is a set of Super 8-looking home movies of the band's San Francisco hometown, which is also pretty darn wistful. Good to have these boys back. Listen to "Honeycomb" above.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.