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The Second Wave of Meltdown Festival Acts Is a Saddo's Paradise

This year's curator Robert Smith has added Death Cab for Cutie, Suzanne Vega, Low, and more to his predictably (but gloriously) morose lineup.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Left by Andy Vella via PR / Right via 

When Robert Smith of The Cure, arch goth and Grand Master of sadboys, was revealed as the curator for the 2018 iteration of the Southbank Centre's annual Meltdown Festival, I immediately knew punters would be in for a good time (and by 'good time' I mean two weeks of really deep, raw sobbing). So when the first lineup announcement – which included such heavy hitters as Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine, and Placebo – came, I was both vindicated, and began frantically plugging search terms like "fingerless gloves fake leather buy" and "black semi-permanent hairdye" into Google.


Today, we get the second wave of acts, and if it's not enough to send you full goth from now until June, then maybe your soul is just not black enough, sorry. Please see the full list of new names via this informative video from the good people at the Southbank Centre:

Some highlights there for you: Death Cab For Cutie. Frightened Rabbit. Fucking Low. Suzanne Vega! It's good shit (and they've added quite a lot more women, thankfully). The full list of announced acts and the breakdown of festival events can be seen here. Of his completed lineup, Smith said: "I have finally figured out my Meltdown festival psychedelic puzzle… and it really is just like heaven… ten delirious June days at London’s Southbank Centre await!"

Delirium never sounded os cute tbh. If you happen to be a Southbank Centre member, booking opens this Friday, while general sale opens on Monday 16 April. I heard you're not allowed in unless you're wearing black nail polish.

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