Questlove Proved on 'Fallon' That He Knows Prince's Music Better Than You

The Roots drummer proves he's the ultimate Prince fan during a game of "One-Second Song Quiz" on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.'
Queens, US
April 25, 2018, 3:29pm

Last night, Questlove traded his drum equipment for a seat on stage with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new book, Creative Quest, an instructional manual on how to foster originality. As The Tonight Show's bandleader, he's used to Fallon's usual tricks, so in addition to talking about the book he gamely participated in one of his bits.Fallon put Questlove's love for Prince to the test with a game of "One-Second Song Quiz" and the results are incredibly satisfying. The talk show host borrowed the idea from former guest Jack White, who said he'd be able to guess any Beatles song by listening to only the first second of a track. Naming the Roots drummer, the "Human Shazam," Quest barely struggles throughout the musical obstacle course. It becomes so easy for him, that Fallon shortens the previews to half-second and quarter-second intervals. He barely falters through a mixed bag of deep cuts like "Mountains" and more notable songs like "Raspberry Beret." Watch the clip above.


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