Thank Your Lucky Stars, Lykke Li Is Back with Two New Tracks

She's also announced that her next album 'so sad so sexy' is out on 8 June.
Lauren O'Neill
London, United Kingdom
April 19, 2018, 10:17am

Oh hell yeah, now we're talking. Q2 is in full swing and the big guns are coming all the way out, a trend continuing with the announcement that Lykke Li, high priestess of Cool Pop™, will release her next full-length record, so sad so sexy (what else was it ever really going to be called?) on June 8. And because she's generous, Lykke has shared not one but two of the tracks from that album with us today.

"hard rain," which you can hear above, makes use of layered, Auto-Tuned vocals, which, against strings and drums, take on the form of another instrument in the song's sonic collage. It sounds very cool, but maintains Lykke's meticulous pop sensibility, as producer Rostam bridges the gap between the traditional and the experimental in a way Lykke has made a trademark. The second new track is "deep end" (hear it below) which takes advantage of trap-esque drums and dramatic piano chords, over which Lykke floats prettily. It's a fun update for her sound, and she sounds right at home on the song.

so sad so sexy isn't due for a little while yet, so, happily there are probably more new listens to come.

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