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Amazon Sells Guide on How to Take Upskirt Photos

The for-sale guide includes advice on taking so-called creepshots, and comes after Reddit banned related sub-Reddits.
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In March, Motherboard revealed that mega-popular blogging platform Tumblr has a massive problem with so-called creepshots; revealing images of women typically taken without their consent. Now, it turns out Amazon is helping to sell a guide for taking creepshots, including how to photograph up unsuspecting women’s skirts.

The news highlight how tech companies are facilitating a practice that, although not illegal in some contexts, has already been shunned from some corners of the internet. Reddit famously banned its own creepshot sub-Reddits in 2012.


“Creep shooting should be a healthy hobby, but if you start becoming obsessed with it and all you think about everyday is creep shooting, then please seek help before you become a threat to others,” the 8-page guide, entitled How to Take Creepshots: The Basics, and purchased by Motherboard from Amazon for verification purposes, reads.

“Have you been interested in taking pictures or videos of those sexy young women you see at the mall?"

On Friday, Motherboard found the guide for sale on Amazon. For $2.49, potential stalkers can purchase the material in Kindle e-book format.

“Have you been interested in taking pictures or videos of those sexy young women you see at the mall? Well you've probably looked up how to creepshot but all you got was half baked advice, that barely taught you much,” the synopsis for the e-book on Amazon reads.

The e-book itself is explicit, explaining how the author allegedly started taking non-consensual photos of females when he was young. It mentions how the author apparently renewed their interest in creepshots after discovering 4Chan.

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“I did some research and learned some techniques, then I went to the mall and started creeping again,” the author writes. The guide talks about photographing women’s breasts and buttocks.


“Because when women are out in public they have no legal expectation of privacy, not even from their private parts. That means you have the right to take as many upskirts and ass shots of women as you want, but you can still get your ass kicked so keep it on the down low and avoid getting caught,” the e-book continues.

For e-Books, sellers can choose between a 30 percent and a 70 percent royalty option, according to Amazon’s website. Amazon declined to comment.

The guide recommends particular apps for taking creepshots and provides other tips. Motherboard is not printing the substance of the advice given.

The author promises to provide a second book with more tips as well.

This is not the only guide available for potential perverts. When Motherboard uncovered Tumblr’s rampant creepshots problem, which spanned over dozens of blogs, one Tumblr detailed how to more effectively take better quality photos without getting caught.

“What is a good camera to use? I’m a college student and would like to submit videos, but my GoPro doesn’t get the job done,” a Tumblr user wrote on one of the blogs.

Update: This piece has been updated to add that Amazon responded to, but declined, a request for comment.