Some Teens Robbed a Pot Shop and Wound Up with a Bunch of Oregano

Cops say they plowed into a dispensary with a van and escaped in a getaway car—all for some literal herb.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
September 27, 2018, 2:56pm
Screengrab via KKTV

Most teens these days are pretty square, and even when they do get themselves into trouble, it’s usually over something pretty innocuous, like pranking their neighbors or drinking at a football game. But a few teens in Colorado went full-on Baby Driver this week, allegedly staging an insane robbery at their local weed dispensary—only to walk away with a bunch of actual herb.

According to CBS affiliate KKTV, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a group of adolescent hooligans allegedly plowed a stolen minivan straight through the glass storefront of Native Roots, a pot shop in Colorado Springs. Cops say they then jumped out of the car and started ransacking the place, grabbing as many containers and jars from the display case as they could. They sprinted outside with their loot, and scrambled into a getaway car, leaving the van behind, and making a clean escape with what they presumably thought was a shit ton of weed.

Turns out that all that stolen herb was, well, actual herb. Kim Casey, the communications manager of Native Roots, told KKTV the store keeps all its product locked up in the back at all times—behind a locked door and inside a locked safe—displaying rolled joints using oregano to "simulate the cannabis." All the teen stoners made off with was a bit of pizza topping and some branded T-shirts.

According to the Denver Post, the kids pulled the heist in front of a bunch of witnesses and their getaway car wound up getting into a full on police chase, slamming into some cop's SUV, all for a spice they could've just jacked out of a pantry. Still, they were ultimately able to get away.

This is far from the first time a group of teenagers have pulled a stunt like Wednesday's, KKTV reports. Cops believe that a similar dispensary robbery back in August might have been the work of an underground crime syndicate involving as many as 40 teenagers who have been stealing cars and smashing them into all kinds of businesses—liquor stores, Walgreens, and cell phone shops. The August smash-and-grab was caught on video, though it's not clear if the teens made off with actual weed that time either. So far, cops haven't said yet whether the two incidents were pulled by the same group, but whoever these teens are, they really might be better off trying to score some bud the old fashioned way.

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