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Watch the Fast and Deadly Art of Japanese Robot Sumo

Blink and you'll miss it.

Insane speeds. Stunning wings of death. Autonomous destruction. Crazy fast sumo wrestling Japanese robots are legit. Give me this over drone racing any day.

Admire the lightning fast, second-long bouts of furious, tiny robots destroying each other with honor in a sumo ring with this best-of compilation that highlights why the sport—equally educational and awesome—is popular in Japan.

The video highlights the ridiculous technical skill of Japan's robotic sumo tournaments and the creators behind the robots, with most matches over in the blink of an eye.


The rules are clear: Whichever robot pushes the opponent out of the ring wins.

In Robot Sumo—a sport that's also tasted some success in the the US—participants fight each other using robots they build themselves within a Sumo ring (called a Dohyo). While there are radio-controlled matches, this video of fights from Japan's 'All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament' highlights mostly autonomous matches, showing off the small, 3Kg-class robots that contain microcontrollers, sensors, and other electronic gadgetry needed to fight to survive inside the ring.

Here are some of my favourite moments:

The time when the Majestic Watcher With Wings gets pummelled by Tiny Boxer.

Deadly Cobra Head gets dominated with one swipe.

And these two just having a laugh.

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