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FELT Zine Finally Published Their First Print Issue

If you're in the New York area, you can pick up your copy today at FELT’s SuperHD exhibition at the Superchief Gallery.
Images courtesy of FELT Zine

Every Saturday, Creators premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine .

The wait is over: FELT Zine is finally publishing their first print issue, and it's coming just in time for the launch of their SuperHD event series at New York's Superchief Gallery. All of the artworks in this landmark issue were created by FELT's founder, Mark Digital (previously on Creators for his Gucci Mane Santa Claus and 3D rendered MLK bust). The artist says their first physical zine marks a continuation in FELT's mission to bridge the gap between URL and IRL. The forthcoming print issue embodies the raw, colorful, and energetic aesthetic at the foundation of FELT's brand, while at the same time challenging what is traditional seen in the 'Zine' world. Digital tells Creators, "We're at the point where we really couldn't care less about impressing either side, and now I'm more excited about presenting the weird hybrid that we are to the world. Our print issue wants to be a digital being so badly, and our digital issues can't wait to be printed. Zines are just like people, we all want what we cannot have."


In a recent interview with Screen Shot Magazine, Sabb further discussed FELT's relationship to digital activism. At the core of this ideal is the publisher's commitment to creating a sense of community. Sabb says the internet helped him to find his "tribe" of likeminded individuals seeking the same sense of community without borders or preconceived notions. Sabb writes, "I think it's healthy to seek those who feel your pain, and see themselves as an outcast in a similar way, without seeking any physical similarities such as race or gender."

Sabb added, "As a Black American I am familiar with the idea of my mere existence being an act of resistance, and FELT's existence is the same. We exist because we never wanted to have to seek museums, the commercial art world, awards, accolades, or anything that makes dope art lame in the long term. All we seek to do is create a digital landscape where free thinkers, and new age beings who see beyond the constructs in front of us, can come together and prosper without judgement."

Along with the first exclusive FELT t-shirt, the first-ever print issue of FELT Zine will be available Saturday, June 10 at FELT's SuperHD event at Superchief Gallery New York from 8 PM–12 AM. Learn more about the event on FELT's website and be sure to RSVP, here.


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