This story is over 5 years old.

We Think Vertigo’s New Song Is About Stealing North Face Jackets

Listen to a new track from the Geelong punk's new cassette.

We first came across Geelong's Vertigo when they opened for Total Control a few weeks ago. Featuring members of Cereal Killer, Wet Blankets and Ausmuteants they impressed with a Bellarine Peninsula take on bratty punk rock that takes cues from simple but energetic 80s US hardcore.

When we initially heard their track "Magic Bag" we thought it may have been about goon or cheap whip but vocalist Henry explains that the song is actually about shoplifting. "Never pay for hiking jackets" is the piece of wisdom coming from the young singer.

Paris label Gone With the Weed records have recently released the band's debut cassette which was originally released on Geelong's Anti-Fade. Have a listen before raiding the Army Disposal store.

Vertigo's cassette is available now on Gone With the Weed records and Anti-Fade.