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Ready Yourself for Mickey Pearce and Scratcha DVA's New Club Night with this Exclusive B2B Mix

The pair's new venture Spoonbender Social launches at London's Five Miles later this week.

For all the talk of decay and rot and decomposition and disappointment, London nightlife really isn't that bad. Cast an eye at RA any given weekend and you'll likely find a few parties that've got the potential to be the best night of your life—from basement bashment sessions to Teutonic techno tours round big rooms, the city still evidently loves clubbing.

Which might go some way to explaining why new venues and ventures are popping up from Penge to Plaistow, Westbourne Park to Walthamstow. The newest of these is Five Miles, located up in Tottenham. Despite doors only opening a fortnight back, the club's already welcomed the likes of Jon Rust, Auntie Flo, and Bad Gyal, which gives you some indication of the scope of what the owners want to do with the place.


This Thursday, June the 1st, sees the arrival of Spoonbender Social, a new night run by two of the city's best DJs, Mickey Pearce and Scratcha DVA. To get you in the mood for what's probably going to be the best Thursday night you'll have before the election, why not check out the exclusive mix the pair sent us, and read a brief interview with Pearce himself.

THUMP: Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from Spoonbender over the coming months?
Mickey Pearce: We are bringing artists we love to come and do whatever they want and we won't be announcing anyone. So people can expect to hear some weird music in an old carpet factory in Tottenham.

What's the best thing about B2B sessions?
Hearing music you don't know or didn't expect to hear.

With the arrival of new spaces like Five Miles, is it time we finally put the "London's nightlife is dead" narrative to bed?
I don't know about any narratives, but Five Miles looks and sounds dope and it seems from what I've heard like Haringey council are doing their best to avoid the problems that other areas have encountered so that can only be a good thing.

Spoonbender Social takes place at Five Miles, London, on 1st of June.