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UberEats Inexplicably Delivers Moldy, Half-Eaten Sandwiches to Couple that Ordered Pizza

TFW your delivery food finally comes and it literally resembles toxic waste.

On its website, UberEats describes its service as "the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed." But when a Toronto couple recently used the service to order two pizzas, they got food that nobody would ever want, from a restaurant that was equally as disgusted, delivered at a meandering pace that made zero sense. But hey, at least they didn't have to leave their house!


This past weekend, Anna Kotlikova and her boyfriend, Blake Weinzettl, ordered pizzas and sodas from Montana's restaurant, which is reasonably close to where they live, but it was Sunday night and everyone's lazy by the time the weekend ends. The driver was half an hour late, and they were already irked after they'd tracked his nonsensical route on their phone screens. But things got worse when he actually dropped off a paper bag that supposedly contained their dinner.

"The smell overwhelmed the whole room," Kotlikova told the CBC. Inside that unholy paper bag, the couple found two moldy sandwiches—one which had a bite taken out of it—a pair of "unidentifiable round disks" and a salad that had seen better days. The order number on the bag didn't match their order from Montana's, or their order number from UberEats.

Kotlikova had so many questions; for example, where had the food come from? What happened to their actual order? And where did the driver go when he was supposed to be picking up and delivering their dinner? She was disappointed with UberEats' response, which was a stilted, scripted explanation and a gift certificate for $25. (Right, because surely they're psyched to see what they get next time they order. Perhaps a dead houseplant, or a severed foot? A half-chewed rotisserie chicken? Anything could happen!)

Sathes Kumar, the general manager at Montana's, is even more perplexed by what happened. He told the CBC that a second couple had a similar complaint—and possibly received an equally disgusting order—even though he insists that both orders were correctly packaged (and decidedly not rotten) when he gave them to the driver.

UberEats told the news outlet that the driver had no prior complaints and had an overall rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5.0. "UberEATS is committed to helping deliver quality food from our restaurant partner," an UberEats spokesperson told MUNCHIES. "We are reviewing this order and are continuing to work with the restaurant and the driver to help understand what may have happened. We have removed this driver's access to UberEATS as we look further into this."

Weinzetti provided the following statement to MUNCHIES regarding the incident:

"UBER has confirmed with me personally from their New York office that this was not a mistake. The driver had been inactive for 2 weeks and had only made 3 trips during June 4th (Sunday). All 3 trips happened to be from Montanas and every customer received mixed and matched mouldy old food with at least 1 item fresh from Montanas. UBER has not offered me anything for this inconvenience except C$25 in UBER Credits. Montanas wasn't even the issue in this whole situation and the restaurant decided to reach out to me to offer my girlfriend and I and entire Dinner meal for free due to UBERs inconvenience, which I thought was very kind. UBERs social rep "Dan" has confirmed with me that the Driver has been terminated and will never be driving for UBER again, they plan to press charges on the driver to make sure he can never work for another food delivery or cab service again."

Dining out suddenly doesn't seem so bad.