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Listen to the Latest Piece of Pop Brilliance From the Stevens

The Melbourne band's latest song is inspired by wire tapping and morning television.
Tahlia Palmer

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia. It sounds like The Stevens are singing about a detective TV program. A show like Columbo or The Rockford Files or even Twin Peaks or Fargo, where between cups of coffee, clues are sourced and evidence collected. But in "Pulling All the Facts Together," the Melbourne band are searching for more as they navigate stormy weather to deliver indie-pop shine. Guitarist Alex Macfarlane tells Noisey, "The lyrics were mainly from cutting up an article about the origins of phone tapping/ monitoring, mixed with quotes from the morning TV show Sunrise."


"Pulling All the Facts Together" is the second single from The Stevens' second LP, Good, a song by four friends who know their way around a melodic guitar line. It is a song that brims with harmonies and pop smarts as Macfarlane, Travis MacDonald—who shares songwriting and vocal duties—bassist Angus Lord and drummer Matt Harkin, flirt with heartbreak and joyous optimism. The track is one of the newest on Good but Macfarlane says it is still probably two to four years old. "When we got the test press I hadn't listened to or thought about the album for a really long time, it was an emotional journey and I felt proud of it even though I feel like my writing has changed a lot (for better or worse) since we signed off on it."

Recorded between Macfarlane and MacDonald's houses using an eight-track track reel to reel borrowed from producer Mikey Young, Good is available July 14 through Chapter Music.

Good is available on vinyl, CD and digital on July 14 through Chapter Music.