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See Jessie Ware Channel Film Noir in Her New Video for "Midnight"

The clip is the "second half of a two-part story" and its prequel is coming "soon."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Jessie Ware is a person who could sing the phone book and make it sound full of longing and heart, so it makes sense that her visuals are just as potent. After releasing "Midnight," her first new single in two years, last Friday (July 28), she is now following it up with an accompanying music video, which sees her engulfed by dreamy Spanish landscapes.

Lyrical and involving, the clip is a perfect fit for the track, which sees Jessie's voice soaring above an instrumental that ebbs and flows like the water she's pictured against. Elsewhere, she's driving (that's where the Film Noir comes in), and tripping up and down pretty European side streets. And thankfully, considering the genuine beauty on show here, this is the "second half of a two-part story" with the first part due to be revealed to fans "soon." For now, make do with the first, above.

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