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Avalanches of Oranges Cascade Out of Cars Following Police Chase

These photos are crazy.
Photo via EmergenciasSev

So, uh, here’s some wild news straight out of Seville, Spain. Last week, Europa Press reported, a family consisting of a married couple and their three adult sons were caught red-handed with three cars full of oranges.

No joke. Just take a look at these photos of the vehicles in question that were truly teeming with citrus: 8,800 pounds' worth, with a value of more than US $1,700.

These little spheres of Vitamin C were tightly packed into each car and van as snug as a bug in a motherfuckin’ rug. When a door was opened, an avalanche of orange poured out.


Authorities initially grew wary when two of the vehicles were seen driving erratically and suspiciously close together. The cops tried to pull the drivers over to no avail; a short chase ensued down a dirty roadway, but the family was eventually caught.

Police opened the doors of their cars, and out the citrus tumbled, one orange after the other, onto the roadway and into the streets. Later, while scouring the surrounding area, authorities found a third vehicle filled to the brim with oranges. They promptly arrested the family members and later charged them with theft, for the family lacked the requisite documentation that would allow them to carry so much fruit en masse.

The family reportedly claimed that they'd gotten the oranges from a mass shipment, collecting oranges "along the way" as they were driving. (Authorities, Europa Press reported, have linked to a reported theft from a ship in the nearby town of Carmona. Seville’s Police Department did not respond to immediate request for comment from MUNCHIES on Tuesday clarifying whether it's been able to establish this link firmly.)

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OK, but I’d like to know what became of the oranges. I can only hope that those poor fruits, once held hostage, are finally free—that the juice is loose.