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Watch an Extensive Interview With Tyler, the Creator on 'Flower Boy'

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael sat down with Tyler for an intimate conversation.

2017 was a big year for Odd Future lead man Tyler, The Creator who came out with his own sneaker, television series on VICELAND, and fourth studio album, Flower Boy. With all of that on his plate, the California artist didn't seem to have much time to set aside for talking about Flower Boy's making, which is a shame for listeners who feel like it was Tyler's most well-rounded and vulnerable project to date. Tyler took to Twitter this morning to confess that he is "not into the idea of interviews anymore cause theyre ugly" and that he'd rather be in control.


Shortly after, he shared an unexpected , hour-long conversation with comedian Jerrod Carmichael in which the two sat down to discuss what went into the making of Flower Boy. The key difference for Tyler was letting people in on his emotions and daily thoughts. "For Cherry Bomb, I purposely was like 'I don't want to get personal at all.' I'm just gonna make songs," he told Jerrod "In this one, I was like, alright, let me write down every feeling. A lot of them was just asking questions."

Tyler also spoke about "Boredom," one of Jerrod's favorites on the album:

"I wrote that 5pm on a Saturday, laying on my back, looking so bored. It was nothing to do. No one was hitting me back. Jasper was in the other room, bored out of his mind but I didn;t see him all day. My room was warm as helll because I like the heater on and it was nothing to eat but dry cereal. And I'm sitting there like what the fuck am I gonna do? I literaly wrote that verse in like ten seconds."

At other points in the conversation, Tyler mentioned that some of his biggest musical influences for the album were listening to Quavo, The Gap Band, and a lot of 90s R&B. Watch the full conversation above.

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