The VICE Morning Bulletin
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump eyes Medicaid and food stamp cuts of almost $1 billion, North Korea tests another ballistic missile, FBI probes possible hate crime in killing of black student, and more.

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US News

Trump Wants Massive Medicaid and Food Stamp Cuts
President Trump is set to propose cuts of $800 million to the Medicaid budget over the next ten years, officials said. Trump's budget plan, expected to be formally unveiled Tuesday, would also allow states to cut a series of social welfare programs in part by introducing new work requirements. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a.k.a. food stamps, is also apparently set to be cut by 25 percent—$193 million—over the next decade.—The Washington Post / AP

Israel 'Troubled' by US-Saudi Arms Deal
Ahead of President Trump's arrival in Israel on Monday, senior cabinet minister Yuval Steinitz said the $110 billion arms deal between the US and Saudi Arabia was "definitely something that should trouble us." Trump will meet separately with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on the two-day trip. Hamas criticized Trump for grouping the Palestinian organization in Gaza with ISIS and al Qaeda in his speech in Saudi Arabia.—CBS News / Al Jazeera


FBI Investigates Possible Hate Crime in Killing of Black Student
The FBI is helping local police investigate whether the killing of a 23-year-old black student on the University of Maryland campus early Saturday morning was a hate crime. Police discovered that 22-year-old Sean Christopher Urbanski, accused of stabbing Richard Collins III to death and charged with first- and second-degree murder, was a member of a group called "Alt Reich: Nation" on Facebook.—NBC News

Facebook's Moderation Guidelines Leaked
Leaked internal documents have revealed Facebook's policies for dealing with various kinds of sensitive content. The guidelines for the company's moderation team reveal not all videos showing violent deaths have to be removed. The guidelines also include examples of violent—but not credible—threats that needn't be removed, including: "To snap a bitch's neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of her throat."—The Guardian

International News

North Korea Conducts Ballistic Missile Test
North Korea has carried out a medium-range ballistic missile test, the second in the past week. State news reported leader Kim Jong Un's delight with the "perfect" launch of the Pukguksong-2. While South Korea condemned the test as "reckless and irresponsible," a spokesman for the country's Joint Chiefs of Staff said it showed the North was "improving the credibility of its missile technology."—CNN

Bomb Attack on Thai Hospital Wounds 24 People
A bomb attack on a hospital in Thai capital Bangkok has left at least 24 people injured. Police found bomb parts after the explosion in a section of the hospital used by many retired military officers. Although no group has claimed responsibility, Monday marks the third anniversary of 2014's military coup.–Al Jazeera


More Than 200 Accused Coup Plotters in Court as Trial Begins in Turkey
More than 200 suspects accused of planning last year's coup in Turkey have gone on trial in a court on the outskirts of the capital Ankara. Dozens of senior military personnel, including the former head of the country's air force, have appeared in court. The hearings are expected to last for another three weeks.—Reuters

Indonesia Police Arrest 141 Men in LGBTQ Crackdown at Sauna
Indonesian police have detained 141 men after a raid on a sauna in the capital Jakarta. A police spokesman said officers found men "strip-teasing and masturbating" at the sauna, and some may be charged with breaching pornography laws. Just last week, two men were given a public caning sentence for being gay in right-wing Aceh Province, where homosexuality was made illegal in 2014.—BBC News

Everything Else

Drake Wins Record Number of Billboard Awards
Drake picked up 13 awards at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, topping Adele's 2012 record of 12 prizes in one night. Drake won top album, top artist, and top male artist. "Life is like toilet paper," he said. "Either you're on a roll, or taking shit from assholes."—Billboard

Harry Styles Has the Best-Ever-Selling Debut Album by Male British Artist
Harry Styles's album entered the Billboard 200 at No.1 and set a new record for first week debut album sales by a male British artist. The former One Direction star's self-titled LP sold 230,000 units, beating a previous high set by Sam Smith.—Rolling Stone

Car Giant Ford Set to Replace CEO
Ford is replacing current CEO Mark Fields with Jim Hackett, the head of the car giant's self-driving unit. Ford's shares fell 40 percent during the three years Fields has been in charge.—The New York Times

McMaster Does Not Deny Trump Called Comey a 'Nut Job'
National security adviser H.R. McMaster neither confirmed nor denied that President Trump told Russian officials fired FBI director James Comey was a "nut job." He did say reported elements of the meeting had been taken out of context.—VICE News

Björk Tells the World She Writes Her Own Arrangements
Björk has revealed her frustration that even some relatives assume other people wrote string parts and other arrangements for her music. The artist said she wanted to "tell the world that I actually do my own arrangements."—Noisey

Tech Studio Makes Art from Your Most Emotional Memories
A London-based technology studio called Random Quark has developed a device it claims turns people's most emotional memories into art. A dataset of the brainwaves is used to create "intuitive" digital artwork.—Creators