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Genius Inventor Turns Microwave Oven into Video Game Console

Colin Furze supercharges a dreary cooking appliance into the amazing "PLAY-O-WAVE."
Screencap via YouTube

Bored chefs everywhere, rejoice! Brilliant British inventor Colin Furze has created his very own BMO, the perfect invention for killing time in the kitchen. Part microwave, part game console, the PLAY-O-WAVE lets you kick retro ass while zapping mac 'n cheese or resurrecting last night's leftovers. Furze plays a retro bicycle game in the video, but any second-generation console will work, because his invention is essentially a microwave with a built-in TV screen and a trio of phono sockets. If his game of Bicycle doesn't spark your interest, how about Mario Kart? How about Grand Theft Auto?


Furze is like the Gordon Ramsay of DIY invention. He has a British accent and uses his expertise to flamboyantly juices up trikes, toilets, and toy horses with home-made jet engines. He's also given himself steampunk X-Men powers and thought of countless ways to launch hundreds of fireworks into the sky over his Stamford, Lincolnshire suburb. In this video, he's gone domestic at the suggestion of a commenter on his four million-plus subscriber YouTube channel for a segment called Furze's Invention Show, which has also yielded a remote control trash can and a knife that toasts bread as you slice.

Check out Colin Furze's channel to learn how to make your own PLAY-O-WAVE, or just see a lot of other imaginative inventions.


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