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Here's What Was Awesome on Waypoint This Week

A few links, and a touch of magic for your weekend.
Image courtesy of Ubisoft

You know what was a big deal this week? The Far Cry 5 reveal, which showed off more than just that key art and a few more details of the game's Hope County, Montana setting. Austin went into detail about the game's treatment of fear—and potential for interesting complexities—here. He writes:

And sitting in that room, I suddenly realize that there has been a quiet disconnect for me: For Hay, as for Far Cry 5, the pressure is new. It appears when the world is less at ease. It fills your mind with possibilities of violence. This is what the game's trailer does, as it mixes a touch of Seven with a splash of True Detective season 1: People are pulled from their homes, driven from their churches, forced into baptism, threatened with violence. These are the dark thoughts of the pressure, the fear that something terrible could happen at any moment.


But I do not remember a time before the pressure.

Rimes with…

Meanwhile, Mike was somewhat underwhelmed with indie puzzle-platformer/Team Ico-wannabe Rime, from Tequilaworks.

Rime bears the hallmarks of a passion project, which is to be admired, and it's certainly not a bad way to spend an afternoon, as share-button pretty as it is (and that extends to some beautiful music, too). But all the while, the sole answer to your why of the experience, why am I pushing onward, for what purpose, is met with a stony silence.

Space is Endless

Rob has been knee deep in Endless Space's… uh, universe, as his recounting good old times with the Horatio on Waypoint Radio would have you believe. But it's not all rosy in the galaxy—or, rather, it's too rosy until it's not, as the game won't punish you for your terrible decisions and allow you to course correct until it's too late:

Endless Space 2 feels like what would happen if I were encountering a Civ game right now, for the first time in my life, with Civilization VI. Its clean and welcoming interface, coupled with a decent contextual tutorial, makes it easy to find your footing and start making straightforward decisions that seem like they would add up to a strategy.

Like in Endless Legend, this short and accessible on-ramp immediately dumps you into an open-ended and seemingly unstructured strategic wilderness. Every technology and development choice you can make feels incredibly useful and powerful—wow, look at those numbers climb! You can see your empire improving turn-by-turn.


In fact, all of this is so rewarding that it obfuscates how much you probably suck.

I am the alpha space-lesbian

I got the chance to interview Ricardo Bare, Lead Designer on Prey, about the game's characters and writing cool space lesbians. Upon asking Bare about the inclusion of queer women on teh station, he offered:

I suppose the best way to put it would be that we try to include things that we find interesting, no matter what. Personally, it's interesting for me to learn about characters and people that aren't like me and to represent them in games as best as we can. At the same time, we value diversity. I think it's healthy and stories are better off for it, so it's a filter we apply as we work. An 'international space station' with only white dudes would have been boring and dumb.

Pursuing Peru

Patrick spoke with indie game developer Ben Johnson, who moved to Peru so he could finish his passion project and get it up on Steam:

He chose Peru because there were fewer tourists, and he could live on roughly $30 per day, which gave him a way to balance his depleted savings and rising debt.

"The whole experience was surreal and I didn't really know what to expect," he said. "The first thing I noticed was how strange it is to start a new life from scratch. Not only do you say goodbye to all your friends and family, but you can't even talk with strangers anymore, either, as very few people in Peru speak English."

We also had thoughts on Dead Cells, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Old Man's Journey, Alien: Covenant, Hitman, Destiny 2, and the excellent, oh-so-metal classic, Brutal Legend.

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