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Watch a Hyper-Kinetic New Video from the UK's Skronkiest Group, Housewives

Say hello the band you never knew you needed.

What do you listen to when you've had a bad day? I mean a proper bad day; a bad day that goes beyond leaving the McDonalds voucher you ripped out of yesterday's Metro at home, or the little coin you use at the gym falling in the crack between lockers, or your bus waiting up to seven minutes for a change of drivers meaning you miss the start of Celebrity Eggheads. For us, the answer's simple: Housewives.


For the uninitiated, the UK group have spent the last few years producing the kind of avant-skronk that sounds like every good No Wave record that festered in the dodgier parts of New York in the hyper-artistic early 80s thrown into a blender with a few pints of battery acid for company. If you ever thought that James Chance should have been as big as Michael Jackson, this is the band for you.

Following on from 2015's stark, brutal, and thrilling LP Work, next month sees the release of a split 7" single with Swiss genre-hoppers Massicot, arriving on the 2nd of June courtesy of a five-label pile-up of Blank Editions, Hands in the Dark, Red Wig, Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu, and Harbinger Sound. The two bands will be in London on the 23rd of June where they'll be playing a show at a photography studio in Kings Cross—if our previous live experiences with Housewives are anything to go by, this'll be a total face-melter, so we'll see you down the front with as many beers as we can get in us.

Housewives' contribution to the split release comes in the form of, "Exc. 281016", a bludgeoning, repetitive, minimal churner, all awkward angles and skeletal shocks; music made for concrete and exposed steel. We're letting you watch the similarly uncomfortable video in full right now. Say hello the band you never knew you needed.

Housewives' split 7" with Massicot is out in very limited numbers on the 2nd of June. You can see the bands playing London on the 23rd; head here for tickets and information.