Aquarius, September 2016


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Aquarius, September 2016

September is super emotional, Aquarius! The eclipses this month will totally transform you.
September 1, 2016, 1:00pm

September opens with communication planet Mercury retrograde in Virgo, which will stir up all kinds of intense feelings in you, Aquarius. You're known for being cool and logical, but maybe not this month! That's OK, though: September will give you an amazing opportunity to strengthen your intuition and do some amazing healing work, as well as to move on from past disappointments and strengthen the bond between you and the people you're currently involved with.


Mercury retrograde is famous for communication snafus, delays, and technical difficulties. It's a shitty time to travel or do anything involving paper work, like signing contracts. This retrograde is taking place in Virgo, a grounded and analytical sign that's actually ruled by the planet Mercury. (All signs are ruled by a planet—you're ruled by Saturn, which is also going to be busy this month!) Because Mercury rules Virgo and it's retrograde in this sign, we can expect the energy to be extra nonsensical.

As logical as you are, Aquarius, you're not afraid of nonsense at all. In fact, you have a wonderful sense of humor, and you love having a break in your routine and the chance to get a little weird. Use this Mercury retrograde to slow down and reflect on your past choices (especially stuff that's been on your radar since August 10).

Again, you'll be in a very sensitive, emotional space this month, so try to use the Mercury retrograde energy to tap into parts of yourself that are normally hidden away. Virgo is associated with the Hermit card in the tarot, and you would be wise to take some time to yourself in quiet introspection and solitude, since so much astrological focus is on Virgo this month.

You're known for being cool and logical, but maybe not this month!

Not only is the Mercury retrograde in Virgo (and will be until September 22), but the September 1 solar eclipse is also in Virgo, bringing an extra blast of intensity. Eclipses close doors, and the endings you'll face this month will indeed be very final. However, eclipses also bring amazing new opportunities; there's something about them that feels fated, like things are "meant to be." Eclipses also bring new information to light—big reveals will be made in your life, Aquarius!


In addition to feeling all of this on a deeply emotional level, you will also see this energy play out in your intimate relationships. Huge transformations are happening. This could mean that you're letting someone go or that you and a partner are letting each other "in" on a deeper level.

You'll also feel this energy play out in your finances, especially concerning money you share with other people, your debts, taxes, and even inheritances. If something's complicated and involves other people, this eclipse and Mercury retrograde will shake it up. Expect intense, emotional relationships and past debts to reappear as well.

Because you're the sign of friendship, I would normally suggest you let loose by hanging out with your friends and meeting new people; however, that's not what I would suggest at this time. The Sun in Virgo will square (a very tense astrological aspect) taskmaster Saturn in Fire sign Sagittarius, which will create a sense of heaviness and a feeling of being blocked. Instead take a hint from Virgo, the Hermit, and go within, or, if you're feeling you like you need to vent, connect with a counselor or close friend who really gets you.

Eclipses close doors, and the endings you'll face this month will indeed be very final.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, stirs up more intensity on September 10 when it squares hazy Neptune in Pisces. Saturn is all about reality, but Neptune lives in la-la land. When these energies collide, we feel lost and anxious, and we can act from a place of fear. It's hard to just trust that everything will ok because everything feels like it's falling apart. It is and it isn't, Aquarius. What no longer works is falling away, being exposed, and coming up for healing. Think back to November 2015 and June of this year—themes that were big then will be active again now.


The lunar eclipse in Pisces arrives on September 16, and while this energy will be just as stormy as the first, you will feel more grounded and certain of your needs and desires by this time. Self-esteem and self-worth are big topics for you during this eclipse, and issues around cash will come up again for you to work with.

The day after this eclipse, September 17, warrior Mars in Sagittarius will connect with wild Uranus (a planet you have a special affinity with!) in Aries, which will be marvelous for socializing, problem solving, and connecting with others. Yes, Mercury will still be retrograde for a few days, but you'll finally feel like things are moving forward! Pay close attention to the people you meet, the news you hear, and the ideas you come up with on this day and during the eclipse.

One day on which you should watch out for stressful communication is September 18, when Venus in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries. Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac, and with sweet Venus in this sign, the vibe is very peaceful—but Uranus has a tendency to be chaotic, so don't expect anything to go as planned. People will want to get along today, but they'll be caught off guard by surprises, or they'll act out of character. Don't plan important dates for today.

If you've been hoping to publish or release some work, Jupiter in Libra will definitely have your back!

A lot of focus is on lovely Air sign Libra at the end of the month! Lucky planet Jupiter enters Libra on September 9, where it will stay until October 10, 2017—awesome! This is great news if you're traveling, in school, or looking forward to doing either of these things. Fantastic, mind-expanding experiences will come you way, and you'll be introduced to people from faraway places. If you've been hoping to publish or release some work, Jupiter in Libra will definitely have your back!

The autumn equinox arrives on September 22 (the same day Mercury ends its retrograde) and the Sun enters Libra, marking the beginning of a month where your focus will be squarely on your plans for travel, school, and personal growth. An especially lucky day will arrive on September 26 when Jupiter meets the Sun—if you've been considering taking risks, this is the day to do it. Or wait until the new moon in Libra on September 23, which will bring you some new opportunities to expand your horizons.

On September 23, sweet Venus enters sexy and savvy Water sign Scorpio, which will send lots of blessings to the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune. The public is going to be very interested in you, Aquarius!

But making time to rest and get lost in your own world is also very important at the end of the month, due to Pluto ending its retrograde in Capricorn on September 26 and Mars entering Capricorn on September 27. Capricorn is one of the most driven signs in the zodiac, but this sign also knows that the key to success is time—you can't rush things, you can't overwork yourself, and you can't expect stuff to happen over night. Be like wise Capricorn and take time to catch up on rest, do some daydreaming and brainstorming, and try not get to stressed if success isn't happening overnight.

You'll be a new person by October (eclipses will do that to you)— see you then!