Leo, September 2016


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Leo, September 2016

September is dramatic, just like you, and money is on your mind.
September 1, 2016, 1:00pm

No one knows how to stage a dramatic entrance like you, Leo, except for maybe the month of September 2016. On the 1st, we have an intense, exhausting and emotional solar eclipse in Virgo! Not to mention that Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, too.

Materially minded Earth sign Virgo occupies the sector of your chart that rules your finances, along with the stuff you own, plus your ideas about worth and material security. These issues will be major this month, due to both the solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde highlighting this sector of your chart. While it's unlikely that things will be easy on the financial front, some very exciting news could come your way. Eclipses always bring big reveals! You'll definitely see your cash situation in a new way.


Eclipses flush things out from our lives that we no longer need; with this eclipse being in minimalist, perfectionist Virgo, it would be wise for you to weed through your belongings and get rid of stuff that you're no longer using, like your ex's sweater or the "skinny jeans" that haven't motivated you at all and have only served to make you feel like garbage whenever you find them in your closet.

It's likely you'll find a lot of items that have gone missing or from your past, thanks to Mercury retrograde (which began on August 30 and will end on September 22). Running into people from your past is also likely! Mercury retrograde is a fantastic time to slow down and reconsider the decisions you've made and conversations you've had (especially stuff since August 10), but now isn't the time to plan for new projects or commitments. Miscommunications are abundant during Mercury retrograde and so are delays, so this isn't a great time to travel or do important paperwork, like signing contracts.

While it's unlikely that things will be easy on the financial front, some very exciting news could come your way.

Again, because this Mercury retrograde in Virgo is activating the financial sector of your chart, you need to be very careful about money! Now isn't a great time to make investments or make any important purchases (especially if it's something expensive or technology-related). You'll feel very sensitive about your bank account due to the eclipse, but it would be wise for you not to rush anything. There's an other eclipse later this month, which will bring you more information about your financial situation!


The lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 16 will highlight the sector of your chart that rules money you owe and money that's owed to you, as well as taxes and even inheritances. Eclipses are times of shock and change. A debt could suddenly be forgiven—or someone could expect you to cough up that change now. Either way, you'll have a clearer view of where you stand financially after this eclipse shows you what's up.

This eclipse in Pisces won't only affect your cash and your ideas about self-worth, but your intimate relationships as well. Your sex life will be a major focus, and you're really going to crave deep connection with others. Eclipses flush situations and people out of our lives that are no longer serving us. It's painful, but necessary. Eclipses lead us to our destiny, and sometimes on our path, we have to say goodbye. But you know what comes after goodbye, don't you, Leo? Something, or someone, new!

Right in the middle of these eclipses, we have the Saturn square to Neptune on September 10. Squares are tense astrological aspects, and the vibe between Saturn and Neptune is very anxious. Saturn is all about rules and reality, while Neptune is the planet of fantasy. Throw Mercury retrograde into the mix, and we have a recipe for paranoia and feeling totally lost and confused. People will be acting from a place of fear, so do your best to act with love. You'll especially feel these energies play out in your romantic, sexual relationships. Watch out for jealousy! Be compassionate, but definitely be very clear about your boundaries.


The end of the month also brings your attention to your health, habits, and your day job.

Communication issues ease up on September 22. Not only will Mercury end its retrograde in Virgo, but the Sun will enter intellectual Air sign Libra and illuminate the sector of your chart that rules your mind and communication! In fact, the whole next year will be busy for you on the communication front, thanks to the planet of abundance, Jupiter, entering Air sign Libra. You'll finally be able to finish that paper you've been working on, or maybe you'll enjoy a major growth spurt in your communication skills. Expanding your relationships with your siblings and your local neighborhood is also on the menu. You'll be in a very social mood, and you'll find yourself being even more talkative than usual.

Watch out for big exaggerations on September 26 when the Sun meets extravagant Jupiter in Libra. However, this could also be a phenomenal day to have dates and meetings, as people will be in a diplomatic, generous mood—the vibe will be way lighter than it was earlier in the month! Another great day for gathering information or expressing yourself will be September 30, during the new moon in Libra. This is also a fantastic time to explore your neighborhood and discover new spots to hang out in. A new car could even be on the horizon for this new moon, or perhaps over the next year as Jupiter continues its journey through Libra.

Your focus will shift to your home and family life on September 23 when the planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters emotional, private Scorpio. This is a fantastic time to redecorate and beautify your house! Scorpio is a very intense and emotional sign, and during this time it will be hugely important for you to feel safe and supported in your home. Smoothing over issues with your roommates or family is a great way to use this energy.

The end of the month also brings your attention to your health, habits, and your day job. Big transformations are happening, and you can really feel them on September 26, which is when power planet Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn. On September 27, warrior Mars enters Capricorn, blessing you with tons of energy to tackle your to-do lists and get shit done at work. You'll also be more energized to work out or break bad habits. Make an appointment to see a doctor if you've been slacking on that—Mars isn't afraid of needles, so go now while you're feeling confident!

See you in October, Leo!