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Quiz: Did Donald Trump or Tommy Wiseau Say These Quotes?

They're both boastful, meandering, and feel unfairly attacked by the media. This won't be easy.
Trump image via Flickr user Michael Vadon. The Room screencap via Wiseau Films

This week, a Fox News poll showed that 56 percent of voters think that Donald Trump is "tearing the country apart." Some might have taken these results as a sign that even the president's faithful base is beginning to abandon him. For others, the verbiage of the poll brought up an even more important elephant in the room that needs addressing: Donald Trump's similarity to the disaster artist, himself, Tommy Wiseau. Trump has been compared to a number of individuals, both real and fictional, but as the president becomes increasingly temperamental, sullen, and paranoid in the face of an expanding Mueller investigation and his plummeting popularity, his similarities with the director, writer, and star of the cult classic The Room become more apparent with each passing day.


This is, by no means, a novel take. As the Daily Dot so eloquently put it in August of last year, "neither are all that comfortable with their heritage, they both gained their wealth through real estate, and have a distinct brand of braggadocio that speaks to the absolute horrors of lies wrapped around egos gone unchecked. Any bizarre statement and grand proclamation is treated with a gravitas and twist of logic few others benefit from."

It also appears that, early into Trump's campaign, Wiseau endorsed the billionaire candidate during a Q&A segment of a The Room screening. "Who cares? Let him be president. What the hell," Wiseau said to a cheering crowd.

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The following ten quotes are either by the leader of the free world or the cinema auteur who also designs "open style" underwear. Determining who said what is up to you. And if you think this quiz is dumb, you can leave your stupid comments in your pocket.

1. "They betrayed me, they didn't keep their promise, they tricked me, and I don't care anymore."

2. "I don't want to be too specific because it's my life, but I can give you little bit that I'm not that lonely. I mean, I have friends around me and I do exercise, I do all that stuff."

3. "Well first of all, if you look at background, you work hard, you make money. It's no secret, okay? You work VERY hard, you make money."


4. "I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big."

5. "Tiny children are not horses."

6. "But I think the media, they are missing the boat, because they don't realize, for the people who are writing some of those articles basically my take is, just be nice, they really don't know what they are talking about."

7. "She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again." 8. "And the media, some of them get it, in all fairness. But you know some of them either don't get it, in which case they're very stupid people, or they just don't want to say it." 9. "Because you talk about Chinese, you know, rednecks, and all this crap. We live in America, one of the good things what we have with all the people is we have dialogue. So that's my message."

10. "No, I'm not into anal."

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1. An easy one for any The Room fan, this is Tommy Wiseau, as character Johnny, lamenting getting passed over for a promotion.
2. Also Wiseau, from a 2014 Gawker interview
3. Still Wiseau, from a 2015 Reddit AMA.
4. Trump, from The Art of the Deal.
5. Trump, on Twitter, about vaccines
6. Wisseau, in a 2009 interview with blogger Josh Reubenoff
7. Trump, in a Tweet about why Robert Pattinson should not take Kristen Stewart back
8. Trump, in an April 23 rd AP interview.
9. Wiseau, in a 2015 AV Club interview, when asked about his new show's gay character.
10. Trump, on The Howard Stern Show.