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Cut Copy's "Standing in the Middle of the Field" Is a Zen-Filled Toto Song

The band's new album 'Haiku from Zero' is out September 22.

Aussie indie dance journeymen Cut Copy may be responsible for 2017's least expected but welcome comeback. They returned last month with the effervescent "Airborne" and we now have the official first single from their upcoming album Haiku from Zero, entitled "Standing in the Middle of the Field."

I'm gonna be totally honest here: this definitely sounds like "Africa" by Toto. The percussion, the tempo, the general feel of cocktails by a pool, it's all here. This is a very good thing, though, mainly because "Africa" is objectively one of the greatest songs ever. "SITMOTF" (I'm not typing that whole thing again) builds off that foundation to express peace in the middle of the modern world's various avenues of bullshit, which is pretty noble. Listen to "SITMOTF" below.