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Tom Arnold Ambushed TMZ's Harvey Levin to Find Trump's So-Called 'Elevator Tape'

Tom Arnold flipped the script on the media mogul by surprising him TMZ-style.

Tom Arnold has had his fair share of encounters with TMZ, so for his VICELAND show THE HUNT FOR THE TRUMP TAPES, he decided to ambush the gossip empire's figurehead, Harvey Levin, in the man's own signature style. It's suspected that Levin or National Enquirer's David Pecker bought Trump's mysterious "elevator tape" so they could kill the story. So to see if this rumor is true, Tom Arnold pulled a TMZ and surprised Levin at his gym to get some answers.


"This is payback," Arnold said before making his move at 4:15 AM.

THE HUNT FOR THE TRUMP TAPES finale airs tonight at 10:30 PM on VICELAND. Find out how to tune in here.

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