Lana Del Rey to Azealia Banks: "I Won’t Not Fuck You the Fuck Up"

After Banks defended Kanye West and prodded at Del Rey earlier this month, the fight escalated on Twitter last night.

Lana Del Rey, whose sweeping ballads evoke a sepia-toned California full of mid-afternoon cocktails and ennui, spent most of last night on Twitter, offering to physically fight Azealia Banks.

The argument seemed to stem from Del Rey's critical response to Kanye West on Instagram last week. Replying to yet another picture of West in a MAGA hat, taken shortly after the rapper's disquieting appearance on Saturday Night Live, Del Rey accused West of narcissistic delusions of grandeur. "Trump becoming our president was a loss for the country but your support of him is a loss for the culture," Del Rey wrote then.


That seemed to upset Banks, who defended West and prodded at Del Rey in a series of Instagram missives last Monday. Banks wrote that she was "tired of white women in Hollywood and their fake ass innocent agendas," tagging Del Rey. "These bitches will take any opportunity to make themselves seem more righteous in regards to black men who don't bow down to their vapid 'social power' or more civilized and respectable than the black women that have a REAL reason to be angry."

Eventually, Banks was direct: "Now I dare you to challenge me on any of my opinions, "witch"… You aren't built for battle. I suggest you apologize to Kanye West immediately.

It all boiled over last night. Here's just a whole load of fucking tweets for you:

Banks responded to the offer of a physical fight by criticizing Del Rey's appearance:

And when Banks threatened to get lawyers involved, Del Rey doubled down.

In other news, we have maybe a dozen years to stop the world from turning into a barren wasteland.

You could follow Alex Robert Ross on Twitter, or you could just not do that. The whole thing is just one big Lana Del Rey-Azealia Banks feud, multiplied and mutated. I've taken to watching The Mind of a Chef on Netflix again. Highly recommend it.