Mexico, Family, And That Memorable Epilogue—We've Finished 'Red Dead'

Waypoint 101's two-part look at 'Red Dead Redemption' draws to a close, and we spend two hours putting together out final thoughts.
​Image courtesy of Rockstar Games
Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

In the second (and final) part of our Red Dead Redemption playthrough for Waypoint 101, we—ugh—survive the extremely long Mexico section of the game, and revisit the still-memorable finale and epilogue. Red Dead Redemption is a game that's aged weirdly in the eight years since its release, as Austin, Patrick, Natalie, and Rob discover over the nearly two hours spent picking apart the game's conclusion. Some things work, a lot of things don't, and much has changed since 2010. We also sneak in some talk about Undead Nightmare, the game's celebrated horror expansion.


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