"Weird Al" Is Rivers Cuomo in Weezer's Very Familiar Video for "Africa"

With the shot-for-shot "Sweater Song" remake, the meme has begun to consume its own delicious tail.
September 24, 2018, 4:45pm

The Weezer-cover-"Africa" cycle, a dream-come-true for one hero-child and an unexpected source of joy for soft-rock enjoyers everywhere, has sustained itself largely because Weezer have so gleefully bought into the joke. They teased the internet with a cover of Toto's "Rosanna" before finally blessing the rains; they then invited Toto's Steve Pocaro to play "Africa" with them on Kimmel; they seem to have made good buddies with their yacht-rock-adjacent forebears along the way. I figured that it would have somehow turned into a lightning rod for the culture wars by now; somehow they've sustained the joke and make it stranger at every turn.


Now they've released the official video for "Africa," and there are yet more layers to peel back. It has "Weird Al" Yankovic starring as Rivers Cuomo in a shot-for-shot remake of the video to Weezer's Blue Album hit "Undone — The Sweater Song." It means that a Twitter joke started by a 14-year-old kid now involves a beloved parodist who's been around since the mid-70s, a song released in 1981, and a video that came out in 1994.

Enjoy one of the three good things the internet has ever done at the top of the page.

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