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In Photos: Protesters Arrested Outside Ferguson Police Department

Demonstrators soldiered through the rain today at a civil disobedience action by the Ferguson police department.
Photo by Alice Speri

Approximately 20 protestors, including public intellectual Cornel West and Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, were arrested at a non-violent action staged in front of the Ferguson police department on Monday morning.

The protest was one of a series of events planned for today — the last day of a "weekend of resistance" that organizers have dubbed "Ferguson October." A couple hundred protesters gathered in front of the town's police department, unfazed by heavy rain that continued throughout the event. They chanted freedom songs from the civil rights era — which were the inspiration fot today's "moral Monday" action.


"We have been out here for 4 hours and 20 minutes," a leader of the protest said into a speaker as the rain and wind grew stronger. "Mike Brown's body laid on the ground for 4 hours and 32 minutes. So we're not done."

Protesters holding mirrors faced lines of police holding shield and batons, while others dropped to their knees, with their hands up, in front of officers. Earlier, several people were arrested as they tried to walk through a police line.

Speaking at a free hip hop concert on Sunday, West had told a young crowd, "I can't wait to get arrested tomorrow." Following the action, protesters regrouped at a local church, while preparing to rally in downtown St. Louis later today.

They've arrested — Ferguson October (@fergusonoctober)October 13, 2014

All photos by Alice Speri. Follow Alice Speri on Twitter: @AliceSperi