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'Queerly Beloved' Is Broadly's New Podcast About LGBTQ Chosen Families

Hosted by Sarah Burke and Fran Tirado, "Queerly Beloved" tells the stories behind five incredible, unlikely, and extremely queer relationships.
Fran Tirado (L) and Sarah Burke. 

Broadly’s new podcast, Queerly Beloved, is about LGBTQ chosen family. Hosted by Broadly editor Sarah Burke and Fran Tirado of Food 4 Thot, and produced by VICE's Sophie Kazis, the series tells five intimate stories of incredible, unlikely, and extremely queer relationships.

In the first episode—out September 12 on Broadly and wherever you get your podcasts—you’ll meet Kelli, a self-identified butch dyke who fell deeply in love with a dominating burlesque dancer named Heather before swiftly losing her to cancer. When Heather passed, she left Kelli a mysterious note with the names of all her past lovers. We hear how that list of strangers grew into a crucial support network of fellow masculine-of-center folks during Kelli’s mourning period and beyond.

In future episodes, the hosts speak to a trans sex worker who becomes a mentor to their transitioning client, a gay incarcerated man and the queer pen-pal who has become his confidante, two siblings who are both trans but have vastly different coming-out stories, and two immigrant artists from across the world who found a sense of home and queer community in each other.

We're also collecting voicemails to play at the end of each episode, so call in with your anecdote about finding chosen family at 707-412-8388. We'd love to hear from you.

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