This Could Be the Most Honest Bartender-Wanted Ad Ever

Despite how unappealing the job sounds, applications have been pouring in.
August 31, 2017, 1:43pm
Foto via Flickr-bruger Tomas.

Bartending jobs aren't easy. Aside from being on your feet all night in a noisy, sweaty environment, you learn first hand how quickly people can become assholes after a few pints. On top of that, you may have to work alongside arrogant colleagues and witness alcohol-induced violence and messy break-ups.

Bottom line: pulling pints and lining up Jägerbombs with Bieber blasting for the twentieth time in an evening is not the most desirable career out there. Which is probably why jobs ads for bar work are more likely to use buzzwords like "dynamic team," "bespoke training," and "bustling atmosphere" than "flaky co-workers," "you better know how to pour Guinness," and "prepare for early onset tinnitus."

Well, that is apart from one bar in Surrey.

When Five & Lime, a cocktail bar in Guildford, wanted to attract new part-time bar staff, management decided to be brutally honest about what the role would entail. The job advert, which was photographed and posted on social media just over a week ago by Twitter user Ruth Mitchell, boasted "practically no benefits whatsoever." No, seriously, that's what it said.

Along with zero advantages to working there, the (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek ad promised a "demeaning work programme, mediocre pay, horrendous hours, lousy work conditions, and strictly no social life."

But apparently, honesty is the best policy. According to trade website The Morning Advertiser, Five & Lime's unconventional ad has elicited more enquiries for the role than any other poster. MUNCHIES reached out to Five & Lime for comment but did not hear back at the time of publishing.

No word on whether anyone lasted beyond the trial shift.