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Billy Joel Protested Neo-Nazis at His Madison Square Garden Show

The veteran singer-songwriter wore a Star of David in light of recent Neo-Nazi demonstrations.
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Never say Billy Joel didn't go in. Joining fellow 70s piano man Randy Newman and the Cash family in his disdain for Trump's America and the Nazis at Charlottesville, Joel wore yellow Star of David badges on his jacket during the encore for his monthly Madison Square Garden show on Monday night. The Associated Press reports that Joel's representative responded with an Edmund Burke quote when asked about the suit, saying, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


During World War II, yellow badges similar to the ones Joel wore were mandatory for Jews and Christians in Nazi Germany to wear. The badges were often viewed as marks of shame. Joel was born to and raised by a Jewish family. He also took the opportunity to roast the many fired members of Trump's cabinet during his show, covering Scandal's "Goodbye to You" with pictures of Scaramucci and co. behind him. You can find footage of that below.