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the eclipse

Trump Stares into the Sun as Aide Screams 'Don't Look!'

Of course.

Today President Trump stepped out onto Truman balcony with his wife and youngest child and looked directly into the sun. He did this because there was a total eclipse from coast to coast across America. You probably heard about it. What you also probably heard was that looking directly into the sun during an eclipse is maybe the worst thing you can do. Many people were saying it, and it was being recognized more and more. That's why the president was provided with NASA-approved sunglasses to wear during the event, so he didn't have to burn his retinas by staring dumbly into the sun. Nevertheless, Trump stared dumbly into the sun.


According to Wall Street Journal reporter Ted Mann, as the president blinked into the sky while holding the sunglasses in his hand, an aide shouted, "Don't look!"

He subsequently put on the eclipse glasses, but America heard the message loud and clear. If this isn't a metaphor for his failure of a presidency, I'm not sure what is.

Here are a few more pictures of Trump staring directly at the sun. Happy Monday!

God, we really do live in the stupidest dystopia.

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