Taylor Swift Refuses to Back Down in Testimony Against Alleged Groper

"I am not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is any way my fault because it isn’t."

As reported earlier this week, Taylor Swift's trial against David Mueller, a Colorado radio DJ the singer accused of groping her in 2013, began on Monday in Denver. This morning, the popstar took the stand to testify for the first time.

The trial this week is the result of a countersuit filed by Swift, accusing Mueller of sexual assault. Mueller, who was fired by KYGO radio two days after the alleged incident, first filed a defamation suit against Swift in 2015, claiming the singer ruined his career with a false accusation. He continues to deny that he reached under Swift's dress and grabbed her bottom during a meet and greet photo opp.


Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, testified on Wednesday that she "wanted to vomit and cry" after her daughter told her what Mueller had allegedly done.

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According to reporter Claudia Rosenbaum who was at the trial, Swift was the first witness called to the stand on Thursday morning and spent a little under an hour at the stand. The singer alleged that, Mueller groped her under her skirt and "stayed latched on to [her] bare ass cheek as [she] moved away from him visibly uncomfortable."

When asked by Mueller's attorney if she was critical of her bodyguard for not stopping the incident, Swift replied, "I'm critical of your client sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass." She also contested Mueller's testimony that his hand had touched her rib as opposed to her bottom. "He did not touch my rib, he did not touch my hand, he grabbed my bare ass," she said.

Rosenbaum reported that during cross examination, Mueller's attorney asked Swift whether she could have confused the DJ for someone else. "It happened to me. I know it was him," the singer replied. Mueller then launched into a line of questioning as to why no one directly saw the groping, to which Swift responded: "The reason why this was such a devious and sneaky act is that there was a wall behind me." She also reminded the attorney that she could not directly see the incident because her "ass [is] in the back of her body."


Swift remained resolute in her assault allegation against Mueller, saying she "could have picked him out of a line of a thousand." On the DJ's firing, she told his attorney "I am not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is any way my fault because it isn't."

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Mueller's attorney questioned Swift's behavior following the alleged assault, asking why she didn't call attention to the incident by ending the meet and greet. When Swift said she didn't want to ruin the experience for other fans, Mueller's attorney then suggested that she could have taken a break. Swift responded: "And your client could have taken a normal photo with me."

Since filing her countersuit, Swift has insisted that her main motivation behind taking Mueller to court has been to "serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts."

Sexual assault attorney Nathaniel L. Foote believes that Swift is doing just that. "In our experience, coming forward at all is often the most painful part of the process," he says. "Anytime someone of prominence comes forward and braves the courtroom, I think it sends a powerful message that it's something you can get through."

Mueller's is suing Swift for up to $3 million in damages; Swift's countersuit asks for one dollar. She says that any funds recovered from the trial will be donated to charity.