Winning Chinese Show 'Singer' Is the Smartest Thing Jessie J Has Ever Done

It's easy to laugh at Jessie J for competing on the TV show, but it's actually a marketing power move.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
April 18, 2018, 12:07pm
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We need to talk about Jessie J. Yes, that Jessie J. Pop fans may have noted that Ms. J has been somewhat absent from the UK pop landscape of late. That is, quite literally, because Jessie J, professional recording and touring artist, has been busy competing in a Chinese singing competition named Singer, the final of which was televised to one billion people.

Jessie J has had three UK number one singles, and used to be a judge on The Voice UK, which one might argue is quite similar to a show like Singer (though Singer is a show for professional musicians and singers to compete on, while The Voice is for amateurs, in all fairness.) Anyway… she has only gone and fucking won it, hasn't she?


Here is Jessie J's first Instagram post as the newly minted winner of Singer, after a performance of, you've guessed it, "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston:

Jessie J is very grateful for the opportunity because of course she is! In many ways, competing on a TV talent show could be viewed as a very 'Jessie J' move—in keeping with the air of desperation which she's often described as having. But in lots of other ways, it's absolutely genius? It's unclear who asked Jessie to compete on Singer, but she should thank whoever did. It makes unbelievably good business sense: Jessie's popularity in the UK has waned a little recently, and the Chinese market is easily the largest in the world—if you missed that figure up there in bold type, one billion people watched Jessie J win 'Singer.'

It follows, therefore, that this win will also mean an explosion of sales, which in turn means that Jessie J has new audiences to perform to, new venues to sell out, and new potential for making an absolute boatload of money. It's easy to laugh about the fact that she's won a TV talent show, but honestly, this is actually just top-tier scamming from Jessie's management, and it has really paid off.

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