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These Are the 80 Jobs Where Women Outearn Men

Payday is considerably less depressing for gymnasts, surfers, and master fishers.
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If you’re not a dude, most news about national pay discrepancies is pretty grim. But data recently released from the Australian Tax Office has offered a glimmer of reprieve from frustrating reports on the gender wage gap. Their 2015-26 records of the taxable income of 16 million Australians note 80 occupations where women outearn men. Save your high fives though: there were over 1,000 occupations where men still earn more.

The roles serving women best was state governors, which the ABC explains means "legislators not classified under other occupations" and often includes Aboriginal Community Council Members and Aboriginal Land Councillors. Of the 25 people in that category, women were on an average income of $286,676 versus men’s $169,148. Other standout industries were gymnasts, bulldozer operators, surfers, goat farmers, and master fishers.

The majority of the jobs were in trades and support staff, which mirrors reports from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency which notes that public administration and safety have the lowest wage gap of 6.8 percent. For comparison, the national average is 153 percent or $253.7 a week.

The biggest discrepancy between men and women’s wages were among doctors. On average, the taxable incomes of a male eye, ear, nose and throat specialist was $300,000 more than their female counterparts. So don’t let the victory of goat farmers fool you, we still have a way to go.