synthetic drugs

Newshub's Mashup of Our 'Syn City' Audio With Cyclone Gita Is the Perfect Metaphor

The storm, like synthetic drugs, is ripping up New Zealand.

Newshub viewers catching a Facebook live stream of the ex-cyclone Gita weather were greeted with some unusual voices yesterday.

Rather than the the usual dulcet tones of the weather presenter, the stream starts out with the sound of a lighter clicking, then:

“Synthetics is easier to get than crack man. You just gotta know the right people.”

“Speaking of the fucking devil,” a voice says. Thankfully it’s not an overwrought weather presenter discussing their drug supply. Rather, it looks like Newshub accidentally played audio from VICE’s latest documentary on synthetics in West Auckland instead of their weather tape.


Good to know the Newshub weather crew are VICE fans—and hopefully people still managed to find out about the Gita weather warnings even with our unconventional commentary.

You can watch the fateful weather livestream here:

And our documentary Syn City, on New Zealand’s synthetic drugs crisis, is out now right here.