The Sorority Pledge Good Vibes and Safer Spaces On New Anthem “SRTY”

The hip-hop group celebrates female empowerment with a hell of a house party in their new video.

It’s International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate with a new video from The Sorority. The Toronto-based group comprised of artists, pHoenix Pagliacci, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis and Haviah Mighty, are noted for their signature style of bringing the feel of old school hip-hop and mixing it with contemporary sounds we’ve come to know. Says Phoenix, “Females have been told where and who they cannot be for too long. We’re not asking for permission anymore.” The group has been consistent in advocating for women-identifying folks and giving them the space to be who and what they are without limitations, and we stan!


In "SRTY," a single from their forthcoming debut album, Pledge, the women create a new anthem to celebrate and empower women all over the world. Haviah describes the records as, “a powerful message from four emcees who happen to be female, who refuse to be identified as ‘female emcees.’ Under the direction of Composite Film, they took it a step further by using the video to reimagine what a safe party space looks like. Lex mentions, “We created an atmosphere with this video shoot where everyone felt safe to be themselves. No one had to watch their drinks or worry about leading someone on—it was just focused on a group of women exchanging energy through their skill and craft.”

SRTY start the video literally taking over men and invite their friends for a good, old, house party. “The video creatively bridges our unique styles and the record showcases our lyrical ability. We wanted to create a visual complement to our lyrics,” says Keysha. Watch, "SRTY," and be sure to purchase and download Pledge on April 13th.

Sharine Taylor is a blessed yute and Editor-in-chief of BASHY magazine. Follow her on Twitter.