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Roy Moore Emerges from Self-Imposed Exile to Chat with 12-Year-Old Girl

The candidate for Alabama's Senate race—who's been accused of sexually pursuing teens in his 30s—sat down with Millie March to talk about border security.

Roy Moore has a tendency to say some pretty quizzical stuff. Back in 2011, the Republican said that he thought all amendments after the Tenth should be repealed, and as recently as September he told a crowd that America was last great under slavery. Given that he's also been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women—two who were teenagers at the time—someone working on his campaign for Senate presumably decided it was better to just keep the candidate out of the spotlight until the December 12 election. Moore hasn't been made available to interviewers for weeks, and he refuses to debate his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, because of his "very liberal" position on transgender rights. This past weekend, reporters couldn't even figure out where the 70-year-old was.


But a video that surfaced on YouTube Sunday shows that Moore was at least free for an interview at his home state's GOP with 12-year-old Millie March. In case you don't read blogs with names like the Angry Patriot, she's a kid who became famous in conservative circles for ranting about Barack Obama at last year's Conservative Political Action Conference. Now, as former Breitbart reporter Jennifer Lawrence explains at the beginning of the clip, March was flown in from her home in Virginia for a sit-down chat with an accused pedophile in order "to show that there is a wide range of people who support Judge Roy Moore."

The group that Lawrence works for is called the America First Project—a political action committee that materialized just before Trump's inauguration and was described by its founder as an "advocacy organization that is going to advocate for Trump administration policies that generally fall under a populist-nationalist window." It's unclear what this means in practice, and how the group linked up with March. Still, it's hard to imagine what's worse for the campaign—letting Moore speak freely to reporters, or putting a literal child in the same room as someone who's reportedly been banned from a local mall for being too creepy.

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