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Why politicians rarely face consequences for sexual misconduct

After weeks of stories about Republicans figuring out what to do with Roy Moore, it was finally the Democrats’ day to deal with the alleged bad behavior of its own politicians.

On Monday, John Conyers, a five-decade veteran of Congress, resigned his post as minority leader of the House Judiciary Committee after a BuzzFeed story revealed he settled a sexual harassment claim in secret. (Conyers denies wrongdoing.)

And Al Franken, a senator from Minnesota, told reporters on Capitol Hill that he won’t be resigning after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Franken says he doesn’t remember the incidents the same way his accusers do.

And yet — the wave of dismissals for sexual misconduct is peaking, but politicians don’t seem to be subject to the same punishments. We looked at why:

This segment originally aired November 27, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.